In 2023 , as the COVID19 pandemic gradually recedes, KSK Europe is  recommencing activities. We will keep you informed via this website.


Workshop with Riley Lee and Jim Franklin, Stuttgart, Germany, 07-09.07.2023

Workshop in Stuttgart, Germany
with Riley Lee and Jim Franklin
Community Centre of St. Josef’s Church
Oswald-Hesse-Straße 74, 70469 Stuttgart
Additional teachers: Nina Haarer, Alexandra Kraus
Participation fee: €130 / €110 (unemployed/students)

This workshop represents a unique opportunity to study intensively with 4 teachers from Kokusai Shakuhachi Kenshukan: main teachers Riley Lee and Jim Franklin, supported by German KSK teachers Nina Haarer and Alexandra Kraus.

In group teaching settings, the following traditional and modern pieces will be taught:

Ukigumo (Honkyoku)
Yamagoe (Honkyoku)
Mushi Kuyō (Sakai Chikuho I)
Fumai Inga (Riley Lee)
Salz (Jim Franklin)

Additional pieces, including pieces at beginner level, will also be offered. The workshop is thus suited for advanced, intermediate and beginner players.

Scores and recordings of the pieces will be made available to participants in advance.

The teaching languages will be English and German. Participants must bring a shakuhachi with length 1.8 shaku (fundamental pitch D).

Teaching will take place on 08-09.07.2023, 9:00am-5:30pm; on the evening of 07.07.2023, at 7:30pm, a public concert by the teachers, entitled ‘The Sound of Bamboo – Die Stille hören’, will be presented in the church, directly next to the Community Centre. Entry to the concert is free of charge.

Per e-mail to

The participation fee (€130/€110) is payable in cash directly before the start of the workshop, from 8:00am on 08.07.2023.
Since a deposit is not payable at the time of written registration, participants are requested nevertheless to consider their registration as being binding.
The fee only covers participation in the workshop; participants must arrange their own accommodation and pay for their own meals. There are, however, numerous cafes and guest houses in the area; a list will soon be available on request.

For additional information, please contact

Jim Franklin,
Detlef Dörner,


KSK Europe held its 2018 workshop in Barcelona on 23rd and 24th October 2018, at ESMUC (State Music College of Catalunya). The teachers were Horacio Curti, Jim Franklin and Véronique Piron, with beginners’ classes being led by Ramon Humet. In the main workshop, there were 10 participants, with a further 8 in the beginners’ group. Instruction covered honkyoku at elementary, intermediate and advanced levels, contemporary pieces, improvisation , and performing technique.

The event concluded with a concert in the Museum of Musical Instruments, Barcelona, performed by the teachers and two of the senior participants (Nina Haarer and Mike McInerney). Highlights in this concert included trio and duo improvisations (one with live electronics as well as shakuhachi) by Horacio Curti, Jim Franklin and Véronique Piron.

Here are some photos of the event, taken by Marta Torrella:

Older activities:

Jim Franklin & Horacio Curti Shakuhachi Concert, Barcelona, May 2015

Taller del KSK-Europe en España 2015 – Castellano

KSK-Europe Weekend Workshop in Spain 2015 – English


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