KSK Europe

Due to the ongoing CoVid19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions, virtually all live activities of KSK Europe have been cancelled. We hope that the situation will change in 2021, and that we can present workshops and performances again. But at present, concrete planning is impossible. We will present new information here as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we offer the following YouTube videos by KSK Europe teachers for your enjoyment:

Horacio Curtis and Kakizakai Kaoru, 09.10.2019, Barcelona, Spain:

Jim Franklin, with Hiroko Sugino, 24.11.2018, Lippstadt, Germany (shakuhachi, theremin, synthesiser, live electronics):

Jim Franklin with Karen Schlimp, 20.01.2019, Linz, Austria (shakuhachi, prepared piano):

We wish all our shakuhachi-friends, as well as all other people, good health and security during the Corona crisis.


Workshop with Riley Lee and Jim Franklin (Cancelled due to CoVid19 pandemic)

Stuttgart (Germany), 8th-10th May 2020

Due to ongoing restrictions as a result of the current Corona  pandemic, this workshop has been cancelled. A replacement workshop is in the planning for 2021. Please check this site for details.


New KSK teacher in Europe

Nina Haarer has been issued with a shihan-menjō by Furuya-Teruo-sensei, after many years of study mainly with Jim Franklin. We welcome her to the ranks of professional shakuhachi teacher/performers in Europe.

Horacio Curti
Jim Franklin
Véronique Piron
for KSK Europe