Véronique Piron

Véronique Piron, a French flautist, is a shakuhachi master-performer in the style transmitted by Yokoyama Katsuya. From 1992 she studied with Iwamoto Yoshikazu, Furuya Teruo and Yokoyama Katsuya, who awarded her a shakuhachi Master’s Licence (Shihan) in 2002 while recipient of a Lavoisier research grant from the French government for studying in Japan.

She participated in the creation of the ESS (European Shakuhachi Society) as an office-bearer until 2012, and so has aided the development of the shakuhachi in Europe. She teaches in France (Paris and Brittany) and in Belgium (Brussels), and participates in and contributes to the organization of the European Shakuhachi Summer Schools.

In Japan, she also learned nohkan and shinobue from Nishikawa Kohei of the Ensemble Pro-Nipponia, which led her to obtain a French State Diploma (2004) and a Professor’s licence (2011), for introducing Japanese traditional music in the French conservatorium system and higher education: masterclasses within departments for traditional music and flute classes (of all kinds), amongst others.

From improvisation to creation, Véronique Piron explores different playing techniques and styles of expression to enrich a new repertoire with creative musicians, composers, diverse traditions and by accompanying writers during public lectures. Based in West of France (Brittany), she is produced by “Big Bravo Spectacles-production” in a Japanese music programme (as a soloist – CD Nipponflutes 2010; in a duo with the koto/shamisen player Hihara Fumie), and in a creative music programme with the pianist Lydia Domancich (CD Sillage, 2015). She has additionally recorded several other shakuhachi CDs

Véronique Piron personal page (French)

Véronique Piron personal page (English)


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