Horacio Curti

Horacio Curti first encountered the shakuhachi in the Indian Himalayas. Fascinated by its sound, he decided to go to Japan where he commenced studies under Kakizakai Kaoru-sensei focusing on the Koten (classical) Honkyoku repertoire. There, he received his shakuhachi Shihan (master) license from Yokoyama Katsuya-sensei in 2004.

In addition to his engagement with the Koten Honkyoku, he started researching contemporary forms such as free improvised music, collaborating both with musicians and dancers, poetry and theatre, and concentrating especially on western classical contemporary music, both solo and as member of the Mei trio, premiering several compositions.

He has performed and taught the shakuhachi in Japan, several European countries and also numerous locations in South and North America.

He holds a bachelor degree on Ethnomusicology specializing in Japanese music forms. He now teaches at Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya and SAE Barcelona and continues his research in topics related to Japanese music.

His publications include his first solo CD, ichi, released by Agharta Music in 2009, and the book-CD Contes Zen. Petites històries per despertar (in both Spanish and Catalan), a compilation of Zen stories narrated by Marta Millà and accompanied by a disc with music created and performed by Horacio Curti. His new solo album will be release in 2015.

Horacio Curti personal page


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